congrats nuge! you’re a big boy now


i hope everyone took a moment today to thank god that ur not a sens fan


wanna get ur first career hat trick? play the oilers!

wanna break the franchise record for most goals scored? play the oilers!

wanna give ur community peewee team some confidence? play the oilers! 


i used to be a really smart kid who was “going places” but now i just cry a lot and eat all the food in the fridge


so today my professor told us how she found her 8 year old neighbor crying on his way home from school last week and when she asked what happened, he told her that while he was at hockey tryouts these white boys called him the N word and told him that black people couldn’t play…


i am thinking about being a woodland nymph for halloween, what do you think y/n

problematic fave: me


  • one time i said the sens were irrelevant

  • their grand total of 5 fans got mad
  • 17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism


    my problem is that i like boys in theory but not in practice so if i see a cute boy i’m like “damn i would” but when faced with actually dating one i’m just like “nah”